MSK - Multi Services Kent, Site Strip Out, site logistics, waste management, site logistics, security and access control

Welcome to the MSK Group

MSK has been building a reputation within the construction sector and has over 20 years experience operating within the industry. Today the company is recognised as one of the leading providers of site support services in the country.

Rapid expansion in all areas of our business in recent years has enabled MSK to develop dedicated and skilled workforces and processes to provide solutions to fulfil ever increasing demand and sustainability. Our specialist expertise from project planning to completion ensures high standards of delivery and safety, together with minimising waste.

By continually making improvements in shaping change for a preferable future, MSK adopts a more sustainable practice by aligning our social and working practices to the needs of the local communities and the environment.

Logistics Management
Pre Construction
Strip Out
Site Set Up & Protection
Security & Access Control
Waste Management & Recycling