Environmental & Sustainability

With the ever increasing demand for businesses to become more aware of their environmental policies, MSK has developed an environmental management system in accordance with the international standard ISO14001. Our senior management have defined an overall environmental policy which is appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities, products and services.

Multi Services Kent has always recognised and understood that we need to achieve a sense of social cohesion, cultural inclusion and a sense of people empowerment. In order to build a sustainable community we must continually make improvements to the areas where people live and work to give everyone the opportunity to play their part in shaping change for a preferable future.

As an organisation we at MSK have addressed the issues that the communities in which we work in and surrounding communities face. Having this focus has enabled MSK to adopt a more sustainable practice by aligning our social and working practices to the needs of these communities. We are committed to continual improvement in the operation and management of our activities that could impact upon the environment. By developing these relationships it has highlighted the impact that we as a company have in those communities around us and enabled a more coherent and relevant Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda to be implemented.

We recognise the importance of sustainable development along with environmental, economic and social concerns presented due to population growth, depletion of non-renewable resources, over exploitation of resources, the generation of waste and pollution and the need to continually improve living standards in the developing world. MSK also source environmentally sustainable materials, reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials and maximising the opportunities presented to MSK to re-use and recycle where feasible. MSK Waste Management & Recycling Ltd have joined forces with a number of the UK’s leading manufacturers of construction materials to find effective solutions to reduce the amount of waste produced across London and Home Counties.

MSK’s vision is to become a company that is completely sustainable and to enhance our business to eliminate the environmental impact of waste being sent to landfill. By combining continual investment in our recycling processes, compliance with applicable legislation and adopting innovative ideas along with best practice, MSK continue to be a leading supplier of Waste Management Services in London and the South East.”